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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Playing God - Transhumanism and Twisting Genetics As A Sign of the End Times

"Resistance is futile: you will be assimilated!" is a familiar line for those of us who are Star Trek fans that revolves around an evil genetically-altered humanoid enemy on the series called the Borg.  The Borg think that by assimilating organic and mechanic composition together, they will achieve perfection as a sort of "super race."  Although fictional, the Borg scenario is something that some people are taking seriously today in a movement called Transhumanism.  Their goal is to "perfect" humanity into being basically "posthuman," and in doing so, a new step in human evolution will happen.  Thing is, this is not a new idea, nor is it even original - Plato proposed it in his monumental Republic, and it is the driving force behind such things as the Nazis and some New Age occultists.  As such, it is a dangerous idea in that it makes man play the part of God, and in doing so, it may be getting this world into something over its head.   Being this is a new subject for me, I have spent the last week pouring over articles and books in preparation for this study, and it is subject to frequent updating as a lot of new information becomes available.  Also, this is an area that hasn't been thoroughly researched by students of Bible prophecy as of yet (Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, and some others have begun to do so, and their work has proven to be very valuable at this point in my own research), but I have a feeling that as events begin to unfold it will.  Therefore, I am going to make my own modest attempt to share with you the knowledge I have culled so far.

I want to say from the outset that when we speak of "transhumanism," its practices are not the same as those of gifted physicians who are making breakthroughs in lifesaving medical procedures - therefore, we are not talking here about glass eyes and pacemakers.  Rather, this is about some very radical pseudo-science that seeks to "enhance" human potential by experimenting with nanotechnology and animal DNA, among other things, to create "superhumans."  Some of this is being funded by our own government (one study paid close to 7 BILLION DOLLARS to inject sperm from a Black man into a female gorilla in order to see if humans and primates could cross-breed - with all the joblessness, economic trouble, and other things going on, I find it interesting that our government can waste our tax dollars on crap like this!) to create the "ultimate warrior" to go into combat.  Yet, again, this should come as no surprise to us, as this stuff has some deep roots, and it is those roots we want to examine first.  I want to begin by first giving you the background of this transhumanist philosophy, which has two main roots - Darwinian evolution and theosophical occultism.  Both have similar goals, and both came together before with disastrous consequences:  remember the Nazis??  Therefore, this movement has both a technical aspect (pseudo-science) and a religious one (occultism).  And, with that we begin.

The Roots of The Phenomena

1.  Darwinian Pseudo-Science

The root source for transhumanism can by all accounts be found in the person of naturalist Charles Darwin, who is also the originator of the theory of evolution.   More specifically, it can be found in the part of Darwin's theory known as natural selection, or by its more common vernacular, "survival of the fittest."   However, as Richard Weikart writes in his 2004 epic study From Darwin to Hitler (New York:  Palgrave MacMillan), it seems as if Darwin received some influence from an earlier theorist, Thomas Robert Malthus (1746-1834), whose 1798 treatise entitled Essay on the Principle of Population  argued that most organisms (including humans) produce far more than can be sustained, and therefore it was necessary that the vast majority of people must die without reproducing (Weikart, 74).  Darwin of course took that one step further by saying that the "fittest" must survive by prevailing over the "unfit," thus assuring thereby the propagation of the species and its evolution to a higher life form.   The later disciples of both Darwin and Malthus would eventually take this to catastrophic levels, and one Austrian rabble-rouser by the name of Adolf Hitler would commit some of the most violent, evil acts in the name of this theory some 100 years after Malthus himself died.   It is also worth mentioning the irony that Malthus was actually an Anglican vicar, which makes his position in this even more bizarre.  However, despite how omenous the writings of Darwin and Malthus sounded, they were still pretty humane compared to what some of their disciples would do in their names.   Henceforth, here we enter a kinsman of Darwin by the name of Francis Galton.

Francis Galton was a first cousin to Darwin, and is often cited as the "father of modern eugenics." (He coined the word in 1883)  To explain what eugenics is first, basically it is a discipline in which through clinical means, the Darwinian "survival of the fittest" concept could be carried out by selectively "culling the herd," so to speak, of traits and individuals its proponents considered "unfit" and "inferior."   Means of doing this included forced sterilization, abortion, selective breeding of people, and other things in order to breed a 'superhuman" that was, in their eyes, the "best of the best."  Margaret Sanger, a very devout and rabid Malthusian eugenics proponent and Darwinist, summed this up by saying that the organization she founded, Planned Parenthood, had the ultimate goal of producing a race of "thoroughbreds" while simultaneously eliminating what she termed "human weeds" and "inferior races." (George Grant, Grand Illusions. {Nashville: Highland Books, 1998} pp. 107).  This is similar to Francis Galton's goals, and the latter advocated using sexual selection as a means of guiding evolution along, based on his view that ability is passed down by genetics and therefore only the best should be encouraged to breed (Tom DeRosa, Evolution's Fatal Fruit. {Fort Lauderdale, FL:  Coral Ridge Ministries, 2006} p. 139).   The link between Galton and Margaret Sanger, DeRosa notes, was biologist Charles Davenport, the man who imported eugenics to America around the turn of the century and served as a mentor to Sanger while being a disciple of Galton (DeRosa, 141-142).  Thus, evil begets evil, but it gets much worse when it is imported to Germany and is taken up as a cause by a doctor named Ernst Haeckel.

Ernst Haeckel figures prominently in both Darwinian and eugenic pseudo-science in Germany in the latter part of the 1800's. amd although exposed as a fraud in 1868 (DeRosa, 148), his influence is felt even today.  Haeckel taught, for one thing, that morality was an evolutionary process subject to change and constantly in flux (Weikart, 25).  That being said, he also believed that "races" were in reality different species, some were more developed than others, thus allowing for the "higher" races to achieve more as well as having a natural right to dominate the "inferiors."  To prove this was so, Haeckel even conducted an experiment where he attempted to inseminate a female gorilla with sperm from a Black man (DeRosa, 153)!  He also favored infanticide for babies with congenital conditions, and although he did hold that life began at conception, Haeckel didn't believe a baby was human until it "earned the right" to be so at some point in its early development (ibid, 153-154).  However, his most significant contribution to the later Nazi regime was his view that Europeans were a super race, and thus he advocated a geopolitical solution, not unlike that of Karl Haushofer later, to take land from "inferior" people, and that allowed for extermination of "inferiors" to insure the proliferation of the "superiors" (p. 155).  Later on, he helped found a racist, anti-Semitic organization called the Pan-German League, and its chairman, Georg von Schonerer, became an object of admiration for Adolph Hitler.  In regard to this infanticide advocacy, Haeckel considered aborting an "unfit" baby no different then from the killing of a cockroach (Weikart, 147). 

This first unholy trinity of evolution/eugenics (Darwin/Galton/Haeckel) influenced a number of future radicals (Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler proved most prominent).  However, this stuff didn't come out of a vacuum either, as it seems that Indo-Iranian thinking encompassed these theories for millenia for some odd reason.  For instance, the Indo-Aryans of the Vedic period developed the caste system, and later Plato in his Republic in 360 BC.  Plato, for instance, advocated selective birth in Book VIII, when he advocates that as brass and silver are mingled with inequity, so then is breeding outside one's social ranking.   Also, he advocates state-raised children, bred selectively for the good of the state, that would be of the finest stock of the people.  There is no doubt that this Platonic nonsense had a lot to do with some of Darwin's and Malthus's own views, as both men were intelligent and well-read in the classics.   However, that erroneous philosophy led to some of the worst atrocities in human history, with the worst by far being those of the Nazis in the previous centuries.  Yet, today, the same thing goes on in a more low-key fashion and is guided by the same philosophy, and it could be happening only minutes from your home at the local Planned Parenthood clinic.   Although this study is not about abortion, nor is it about Nazis, nonetheless both of those institutions mirror what the catastrophic results of trying to breed "supermen" results in.  And, abortion is as much a mass murder of innocent humans as was the Holocaust, and both are two unfortunate evils that cannot be ignored by history or by any informed mind today.   Something to think about!

How, then, is Darwinism, Malthusian/Galtonian eugenics, and its derivatives relative to the modern transhumanist movement?   Simply put, transhumanism is the modern variant on the eugenics movement, and it has as its basis an evolutionary root.   The main difference is that transhumanists have access to technology that Malthus, Galton, and Haeckel didn't have, and that makes their movement even more frightening.   Take, for instance, San Diego State University professor and scientist Verner Vinge, who in his 1993 lecture "The Coming Technological Singularity" stated that when the scientific community achieves the technological means to create human intelligence, the human era will end (Tom Horn, "Splicing and Dicing The Next Step in Evolution," at  Kevin Warwick, an advocate of cyborg technology, states further that human/machine integration will be what achieves "Technological Singularity," or being "post-human."  And, a leading transhumanist, Dr James Hughes, calls this "a new chapter in our evolution."   These scientists have several things in common.  First, they are Darwinian evolutionists.  Secondly, their advocacy of transhuman experimentation also makes them Neo-Malthusian eugenicists - the part they fail to mention is that in order to achieve all this "technological singularity," some "inferior" traits have to be removed - Haeckel and Galton did that through selectively breeding people they felt were "superior," but these transhumanists do it through gene-splicing and technology, but the result they are seeking is the same - a "superhuman race" that will ultimately be the next step in our supposed "evolution."  So, is the "posthuman" of the Transhumanists any different from the "Master Aryan Race" of the Nazis?  No, it isn't.   And, what they are doing is not true science either - like Tom DeRosa says in his book, racism has nothing to do with science but everything to do with evolution (DeRosa, p. 180).  Despite the fact many of these guys such as Warwick and Dr. Hughes would probably flatly deny they are racists (as would the average administrator of your local Planned Parenthood clinic, I may add here!) nonetheless racism is the ultimate result of their endeavors.  It is man trying to play God, by determining who or what is human and choosing what is worthy to live.  And, that is the danger in trusting in such things.  True science, like any other legitimate discipline, will always affirm God's existence and His creativity - that is simply because God created the universe and put into operation the natural laws that govern the universe.  Anything that goes against those natural laws - many of these people do just that - is not of God, and is therefore not truly science, simple as that. 

There is however another dimension to this whole movement, and it is even darker.  Much of what these theories are based on is also occultic in nature, and following we will be discussing some of the roots of that.

2.  Theosophy, Alchemy, and the Occult

The pseudo-scientific underpinnings of Darwin and the Malthusian eugenics movement definitely provided the technical and philosophical background of the modern transhumanist movement, but what is more insidious is the occultic connections this whole discipline also has.  The occultic roots of this run deep too, going back to the rebellion in the Garden of Eden, when Satan in the form of a serpent told Eve that she would "be like the most high."  Man, in his finite mind, has sought ever since to be a god himself, and in doing so he has corrupted and perverted a natural creative ability God gave us.  And, Satan has had a field day ever since.  However, the modern roots of the transhumanist/occultic connection go back to the Middle Ages first, with something called the Qabala and a bi-product it spawned called alchemy.

Alchemy was a pseudo-science that originally was intended to create valuable material out of common material, in particular things like gold out of water and the like.  However, they also believed that they could tap into the secret of eternal life by creating an elixer called a "panacea," which could cure all ills and prolong life indefinitely.   Although practiced in Europe by Jewish mystical Qabalists, it was also practiced as well by Arabic/Islamic wizards (for lack of a better word) and one goal they had was the creation in due time of a thing called a taquin, which essentially would be laboratory-created life.  The major contributor to this was one Jabir Ibn Hayyan, an Islamic alchemist.  The Qabalists had a similar concept, the golem, in which a 12-century Hassidic qabalist, Eleazar of Worms, concocted several recipes to create (Isaacson and Wigoder, The International Jewish Encyclopedia {Englewood Cliffs, NJ:  Prentice-Hall, 1973} p. 126).  This was also the impetus for the Frankenstein legend as well, something I had previously discussed in another article.   The bottom line of both the Arabic occultists and the Qabalists was this - the ability to create life.  And, ultimately, that would lead to the imagination conceiving the creation of superior life.   The combination of the "panacea" and the dual concept of the taquin/golem creature are still foundational to today's more technologically-advanced efforts of the Transhumanists.  Thus, it is still man trying to play god by manipulating the creative processes of life.  Thus, it is a deception of Satan.  (Other than the noted reference, other material was used and cited from

The practices of the Qabalists and Islamic alchemists though paled in comparison to the 19th century, when a more blatant form of occultism, rooted in Eastern mysticism, arose in the form of the Theosophists.  Theosophy is the progenitor of the modern New Age movement, and many New Age and occultic teachers and writers have been heavily influenced by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society.  Among these are her direct disciples such as Alice Bailey, whose writings are essentially the foundation of the contemporary New Age movement.   In her main text, The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky succeeds in combining Darwinian evolution with Eastern mysticism when she talks about seven "root races" in various stages of development, and although the races exist simultaneously, some are more developed than others, and these earlier races will eventually be transplanted by a race called Homo Noeticus, or a sort of "superman" who exceeds in many ways the human race as seen now.  Although there seems to be no indication that Blavatsky herself was a racist - a demon-worshipping occultist, yes, but not a racist - unfortunately her theories took root among a group of radical German nationalists called the Volkists, and out of that movement in the early 20th century grew two very radically anti-Semitic occultic brotherhoods, the Vrilists and the Thule Society.  Both groups used as a symbol of their identity a Buddhist good fortune sign called the swastika, and in their hands this symbol (it portrayed the sun traveling across the sky) would forever be associated with the most evil regime the world had seen up to this point.  The Vrilists and the Thulists had as their two main patriarchs notable German theosophists, Georg Lanz von Liebenfels and Guido von List.   One of the major architects of the Vrilists was one Karl Haushofer, the geopolitical theorist who influenced Hitler's later ambitions of Lebenstraum, which would be the driving force of the conquest of Europe by the Nazis during World War II.   And, the Vrilists also had a direct connection to notorious occultist Aleister Crowley as well (Joseph Carr, The Twisted Cross. {Lafayette, LA:  Huntington House, 1985} pp. 105 - 107).  The Thule Society, formed in 1914, was the brainchild of List and von Liebenfels, and was the parent of the Nazi Party, which was formed in 1920 as a mechanism for the Thulists to reach the proletariat for the ultranationalist, racist agenda.  The name of the Thule Society speaks for itself - it was the mythical northern home of the Aryan super-race, and Thulists believed that Jewish and other foreign "inferior" elements contaminated that "noble" bloodline, and thus it was up to them to purge the "inferior" elements in order to rebirth the perfect Aryan super-race, something Hitler would carry to the extreme (ibid., pp. 107-108).  In order to make this happen, many Thulists were also Darwinian and supported the eugenics movement, and since many of the elite membership of the Thule Society were doctors and scientists, they saw eugenics as a means of "reclaiming" their lost heritage.   And, of course, history bears witness to this in regards to Nazi atrocities, which were the ultimate experiment in this morbid ideology.  Also, being occultists, these Thulists (as well as top Nazis later) saw the doctrine of reincarnation working hand-in-hand with Darwin's natural selection and evolution to rebirth the future "Master Race."  And, today we see it mirrored in the fact that although Eastern bugabooery and rationalistic evolution seem to be odd bedfellows, the New Agers are also by and large evolutionists as well, hence their connection to transhumanism.  Later on, we will see this has a prophetic significance as well.  Add to that a healthy dose of Nietzsche to the mix, and the stage is set for creating a "superhuman" that many modern transhumanists enthusiastically look forward to "evolving" and making modern man extinct.  It is thus dangerous.

Now that we have examined the pseudo-intellectual and occultic background of this movement, we now want to examine some Scriptural reasons why it is wrong, and then wrap up with a bit of commentary on the prophetic implications in the future of such teaching.

Scriptural Refutation, Commentary, and Prophetic Implications

The modern transhumanist movement is not the first time man has tried to play God with Satan's help - that goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, when Eve was coerced by the snake to eat from the Tree of Knowledge (which, come to find out after much study and research, may have been where the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is today, hence fulfilling that verse in 2 Corinthians 3:6 that says the letter (the Law) kills but the Spirit gives life, as well as Romans 3:20, which says the law is the knowledge of sin - the Tree of Knowledge is a picture of the Law in Genesis, and ultimately represents man trying to either be like God or reach God by his own means) in Genesis 3:5, when it coerced her to eat by honing in on a weak twisting of a command of God that Eve spoke when she says "He (God) told us not to eat or touch it" (Genesis 3:3).  However, that is not what God said - He told them to just not eat it (Genesis 2:17) and said not a word about touching it!  Satan, of course, in the form of a snake, seized upon this, and hence the first heresy was born - he knows Scripture too remember, probably better than many Christians do, and his strategy is to let man do the twisting and then he comes in and eggs on what develops, and in this case he used Eve's misquote to say in Genesis 3:5 that when Eve ate of this fruit she would become Godlike more or less, and supposedly have all the knowledge of the universe God had.  However - and this is how Satan works - he failed to mention that what is meant by the knowledge of good and evil was the heavy price to be paid if one committed evil with that knowledge, and hence came sin into the world.   Only the shed blood of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, provided an escape from that curse.  But of course, the damage was done and man continued on his quest to unlock the "god within" by continuing to either be like God, or to be a "god."  The next manmade attempt at that comes in Genesis 11 with the tower of Babel, where man tried unsuccessfully to "play god" again by the tower.  So, God created nations from that to prevent it from happening (this was a foreshadowing, incidentally, of the plan of the Antichrist, which of course God saw).  These are but two Scriptural examples of what man's futility in trying to "play god" has as far as consequential results, but we humans tend to have short-term memory and not learn from our mistakes very well, do we?  

A second aspect of this comes in regard to the demonic and satanic influence in man's aspirations to obtain divine priveleges, and that of course goes back to Lucifer himself, who also had an ego and sought to be God as well.  We all, of course, know that story's ending, but it hasn't stopped him from trying.  Many writers, among them Chuck Missler, Tom Horn and others, draw a connection here between the Nephilim (the fallen angels' offspring with human women) and the modern transhumanist movement.   That aspect warrants a whole other article unto itself, as it is a major subject with a lot of complexity, so sufficive to say it was an early attempt as well by Satan to create a "master race" of super-beings for the sole purpose of preventing the Messiah from coming and redeeming humanity of its sins.  You see, the Nephilim were a bastard species - they were brought into existence by unholy means, and as a result their souls were cursed from the outset.  So, when they died, their disembodied spirits became what we know today as demons - in other words, demons are not fallen angels.  As I have been saying previously, many of these fallen angels, as well as their demonic offspring, also formed the basis of many pagan religions, meaning naturally that most pagan deities have some spiritual entity behind them inspiring their mythology.   That being said, the revival in the past 50 or so years of occultism, the New Age movement, and neopaganism is no accident, and neither is some of these bastardized forms of Christianity such as the "Emerging Church" movement that borrow heavily from the New Age and Eastern mysticism.  And, that is why the Theosophists and other occultists are often a source of inspiration behind the transhumanism movement, because those religions teach things like the "master race" theories as well as reincarnation, which more or less says that through some karmic process you can "evolve" into godhood.   Transhumanism just takes this a step further by saying that modern technology and the veneer of science (in reality pseudo-science, as it draws heavily upon neo-Malthusian eugenics) can be used as means to achieve that end.   And, voila! - man becomes what God is, in their thinking.  

The problem with their little theories and nonsense though is what is embodied in the Sh'ma - "Hear O Israel!  The Lord our God, the Lord is One!" (Deuteronomy 6:4).  There is, as Ephesians 4:5 clearly states, only one Lord, one faith, and one baptism.  And, as far as our guarantee of eternal life is concerned, there is only one way to achieve that also - through the shed blood of Jesus Christ only!  Jesus said in John 14:6 that HE is the the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him!  Our own efforts are meaningless as a result - Romans 3:23 states that all of us are guilty of sin, and 3:10 says not one of us are righteous on our own merits either.  In other words, we are not even close to being "gods," and those who embrace that nonsense delude themselves with one of the biggest weapons Satan uses against us - our own pride.  In our pride over the centuries, we have done some dumb things, and we fail to see what God so plainly told us.  I mean, yes, he loves us, and yes we are created in his image, but we are not created as "little gods," but rather in the image of God (Genesis 1:26).  There is a major difference there obviously.  And, due to our own pride, we fell by thinking we could be "God" ourselves by possessing great knowledge, yet it proved to be the ultimate deception.  God says our righteousness is as "filthy rags" apart from His direction (Isaiah 64:6) and that our works mean nothing because they promote boasting in what we have done instead of what God accomplishes through us (Ephesians 2:9).  Therefore, no matter how our earthly wisdom impresses men, it is nothing before God but mere foolishness - God even says that we who profess to be wise become fools (Romans 1:22) and that such fools despise true wisdom (Proverbs 1:7), not to mention that the fool deludes himself into thinking that he is right in his own eyes and wisdom (Proverbs 12:15 - Proverbs is a book to read on this, as it has a lot to say!).  Today we see a lot of this going on, as evolution for instance says there is no need for a God because we all "evolved" out of pond scum in some primordial ocean somewhere and thus in their wisdom (read foolishness and pride) they say there can be no God and that we, in our "evolved" intelligence and wisdom, are more or less our own deities.  Therefore, the evolutionist is not technically an atheist, because he exalts himself to godhood by saying that - hence, he becomes in God's eyes a fool (Psalm 14:1)!  So, how does this fit prophetically into the scheme of things?  Let's now talk about that.

One important tenet of occultism is summed up in an Aleister Crowley quote that has become the "golden rule" so to speak of most witches and occultists, and it is called also the "Wiccan Rede " - it says essentially "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."  Putting that in modern, secular vernacular, what this more or less basically is constitutes the utilitarian "if it feels good, do it" philosophy that is so prominent today in many people's (even in the church - so many of Rick Warren's people may be horrified to learn that their "Purpose-Driven" philosophy has more in common with Aleister Crowley than it does the Gospel - that is a real shaker!) worldviews, but it is of no big surprise if you study Bible prophecy.  In the latter days, many Scriptures foretell the state of man as he is conditioned to receive the Antichrist, and among those Scriptures are several in 2 Timothy talking about people having "itchy ears" and following after all sorts of crazy stuff.  Also, Daniel 12:4 alludes to a time when people shall "run to and fro" (a lot of things could be read into this) and knowledge shall increase (computers, like the one I am typing this on, is a prime example).  This increase in knowledge is particularly of interest because of several things.  First, because we were created in God's image, we have been gifted by him with a creative mind and intelligence.  Of that, there is no dispute, because in and of themselves they are a blessing and have been used of God to bless mankind with much better quality of life.  We should always be thankful for the creative impulses and intelligence God gave us.  The problem lies where man thinks his intelligence supersedes belief in the God that gave him that intelligence, and that is where a lot starts to go sour.   Computers, smartphones and other devices over the past 100 years - and, admittedly, knowledge has increased probably in the past 100 years more dramatically than at any other time in history! - are valuable tools that have created much opportunity for many things, but what has happened is that man has gotten on an ego trip.   Now, some among us - the transhumanists - believe they have the power to generate life in lieu of all this advanced technology, and this fact has not escaped Satan at all.   In the future, the scenario to be seen is this - man will, in his pride, try to "better" the human race by genetically enhancing DNA and such stuff as to create a "superhuman."  It has been tried before - remember the Nephilim and the Nazis??  Tom Horn, as a matter of fact, has stated in many of his writings that there is a possibility that demonic wisdom coupled with modern technology could maybe result in the resurrection of a sort of proto-Nephilim DNA that attempts to engineer a "super-race" of beings.   And, this idea has even been talked about in Christian fiction writings - remember the Antichrist character, Nicolae Carpathia, in Tim LaHaye's and Jerry Jenkins' Left Behind series, for instance?  The backstory on that was that a fictional corporate banker, in league with an occultic secret society, bankrolled a project to create Nicolae by choosing the "ideal" DNA to program him with.  If what I have researched myself is true, then this is not such a crazy possibility - after all, we already talked about the golem of the qabalists as well as experimentations by ancient alchemists to create a "fountain of youth" elixir, so the idea is under consideration.  Also, demonic wisdom comes into play here as well - Mark Hitchcock, in his 2009 book 2012, The Bible, And The End of the World (Eugene, OR:  Harvest House) talks about the advanced ancient civilizations such as the Mayas (who have a fairly accurate - to a point! - calendar that recently has spawned some secular doomsayers regarding the year 2012) being imparted demonic wisdom as a "reward" for their bloody and perverted rituals to worship the demons behind their pagan gods (Hitchcock, 41-42).  Tom Horn, in his book The Gods Who Walk Among Us (Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, 1999) takes this theory a step further by saying more or less that Satan and his demonic "gods" allowed these pagan cultures to have this superior advanced knowledge to accomplish his own agenda of trying to exterminate the children of God through the engineering and creation of a race of super-beings (Horn, pp. 24-25).   Funny thing about that is that Satan seems to be trying the same thing again, although the Messiah, Jesus Christ, has already come and provided the redemption for those who choose to follow Him.   Question that arises is why would Satan be still up to this agenda?  Quite simple really - some occultists believe that if the Christians and Jews are removed, then Christ would have no reason to come back to earth and thus they could take over and establish Satan's kingdom on the earth.  The means of doing this have changed - alchemy and qabalistic rituals have been replaced with eugenics and nanotechnology - but the goal is still the same.   And, ironically, although man thinks he is ultimately the master of this, in reality he double-deceives himself because ultimately man is just a puppet being manipulated by Satan's puppet-masters (demonic principalities), as well as the fact that in God's eye's man's efforts are an exercise in futility anyway.   The occultic view also of the "removal" of those of us who stand in their way also inspires this UFO stuff, which in reality may also be demonic activity in the heavens, a possibility that Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, and others talk about at length.  Therefore, how does transhumanism fit into this?  Well, if you get a group of brilliant scientists to buy into some occultic principles such as the teachings of Helena Blavatsky, who actually propagated a "super-race" theory almost two centuries ago, and they are already more or less evolutionists with some leanings toward eugenics research, then that combination could be the elixir for producing this "super race" (or so they think!).  However, it also has to be bankrolled from somewhere, and there are greedy corporate execs and bankers, many multi-billionaires (George Soros comes to mind) who are in complete sympathy with this agenda and would gleefully fund research like this a pet project.  That really comes as no big surprise either, as that mentality on the part of bankers goes back at least to the late 1800's and the age of the "robber barons," most of whom were committed Darwinists and some of whom did bankroll things such as Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood organization (and still do today, I might add) - to read more about those characters and their modern descendants, I highly recommend G. Edward Griffin's 1994 book The Creature From Jekyll Island, which although written from a secular standpoint nonetheless falls in line with prophetic events.  That too could warrant a whole article itself, so we will leave that for later.  I know all of this sounds like some bizarre conspiracy theory, but in reality fact may be stranger than fiction - research on this stuff is going on now, and there are now transhumanist societies and organizations that can easily be researched with a simple Googling on the internet which are crystal-clear as to what their objectives are.   Also, in the spiritual realm, a lot of things would be dismissed by "enlightened" mankind as "folly," but remember that God is very real, the spirit realm is very real, and Ephesians 6 states that the ultimate struggle is for the souls of man.   These elaborate schemes of the enemy over the centuries are just more ways to wage that war, and they will not cease until the return of Christ, and ultimately that is where this will all culminate.

Essentially, that is all we can say today about the subject, and I want to now conclude by sharing the real issue here with you.


We as human beings are the main gamepieces in a struggle between two kingdoms - one of the one true God, the other of the forces of darkness.   Despite the technologies, theories, and other stuff on the surface, it must be remembered that, as Ephesians 6 states, this is not a war just about the physical - Satan is trying to usurp God ultimately by corrupting his creation, and his greatest booty is the souls of men.  As time progresses toward that"Blessed Hope" of the return of Christ, the battle gets more intense - Satan knows well that his time is short, yet he deludes himself into thinking he can still prevail.  However, God created the universe and its laws, and He has control of the outcome, which should comfort us who are redeemed by His Son, Jesus Christ.   For those of you reading this who may not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, let me say this now - you still have time to accept Him as your Lord and Savior, but time is short.  And, although the world tells you that humanity is "god" and all such other nonsense, the reality is that there is only one God, and all of us are in need of his mercy because we have all sinned and fallen short (Romans 3:23).  In other words, our future is pretty bleak if you look at it.  However, God Himself provided the way out, and in John 3:16 He tells us that he gave His only begotten Son, and that whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.   In Matthew 11:28, He gives us further comforting assurance that all of us who are in travail due to the curse of sin only need come to Him, and He will refresh us.  I Timothy 1:15 though clenches it when it states that the ultimate truth of our redemption is this - that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners!  And, we all fall into that category (Romans 3:23 again), but Jesus Christ is our Advocate (defense attorney, if you will) with the Father in heaven, and He is the propitiation for our sins (I John 2:1-2).  These are verses that we who are traditional Catholics and Anglicans call the "Comfortable Words," and they are proclaimed by the priest at Mass every Sunday and constitute the ultimate purpose of the Gospel.  In sacramental theology, Jesus is the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) who indeed takes away the sins of the world (and that includes yours, mine and everyone's) and by our acceptance of His grace extended to us in that sacrificial act of His Passion, we can truly be restored to what God intended us to be.  Now, the stakes are higher than ever though, as a war in the heavenlies is taking place that will soon be played out on the earth - Jesus IS coming soon, although it is not our place to say exactly when, and time is of the essence.  Dying without Jesus Christ redeeming you of your sins is a horrible risk - you will spend eternity in torment if you don't make the right decision, and that is no lie!  God gave us each the free will to choose, and the intelligence to reason regarding our eternal destiny, but it is up to us to make the right choice.  The gift God gave us through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ is for all, but only those who accept the gift will receive it - it is not universally handed out, but it is universally available to those who desire it.   Sin, hell, the Second Coming, and eternity are not subjects that churches like to discuss today, mainly because Satan has sent delusions such as greedy televangelists and fads like the "Purpose-Driven" and "emerging church" stuff to distract the Church from its mission of reaching the lost so he can implement his own agenda.  The world, in fact, is going to hell in handbasket as the Church plays with carnality, and we do so to our peril.  If you are a Christian, I challenge you today to reject and pay no mind to the stupidity you find in the local religious bookstore or on TBN, but rather read the Gospels and take what they say seriously - much blood will be on the Church's hands if we don't.   That is why issues such as the one addressed in this article are important to discuss, because ultimately it is about the message of salvation, and people need to hear that message due to what is developing out there now.   That being said, I will now go until next time, and my prayer for fellow believers is to wake up, and may we develop a greater burden for reaching the lost before it is too late.
God bless each of you until next time.